Our Winter Season Must-Haves

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Our Winter Season Must-Haves

May 7, 2021 By Lime Tree Kids Children, Family & Lifestyle comments

Whilst nothing beats sitting in front of the fire all cozy & warm with some blankets, when duty calls, its time to brace the dreary weather and step outside the house! Over the years, we have learnt just what is needed to get through winter and make it out the other side in one piece.

We've put together our top essentials that will warm your homes and hearts to beat those winter blues!

Vaporisers & Essential Oils

1. First and foremost, our number one must-have is a Vaporiser paired with some essential oils! Vaporisers are not only a beautiful decor piece, but so functional too. Made to purify, cleanse and refresh the air, they also assist with breathing, improving sleep and enhancing well-being. At the moment, our favourite vaporiser to use around the office is the Lively Living Aroma Dream Ultrasonic Vaporiser. It's so easy to use, operates for up to 20 hours on low-mist mode and has a 400ml water capacity! Doesn't get much better than that. 

At this time of year we highly recommend pairing your vaporiser with the Winter Rescue or Immune Boost essential oil blends. They truly are saviours for the whole family. Winter rescue is a blend of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus which can assist with sleep, easing asthma and beating the ol' cough and cold that seem to surface every year! Our immune boost oil combines eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree and peppermint to support the immune system in battling any nasties. To check out our full essential oil range, click here.  

Hot Water Bottles

2. For children, there is no better way to fall asleep than cuddling up to a soft, warm and cozy friend on a cold winter's night. Its no secret that our Dog & Cat hot water bottles are quite possibly the cutest we've EVER seen, but with a 1L capacity, you can ensure they will be toasty warm for hours on end. Best of all, the soft covers are easily removable to be machine washed for endless nights of cuddles. 

Food Jars

3. How good is a hot lunch on the go? Insulated food jars are so great for school, work, weekend adventures and everything in-between! Not only do they keep your food warm for hours (or cold if you desire), but they come in the cutest of designs! Our top-pick at the moment is the MontiiCo Insulated Food Jar which comes in 3 colourways; dusty pink, white or slate. With a flip-up handle, it is perfect for little hands to carry around the school yard and makes it even easier to twist open. It also has a scratch and dent-resistant finish to ensure it always looks good as new!

Heat Packs

4. Now lets talk heat packs for a moment...We all have that one heat pack that gets passed around every member of the family throughout winter, but what if each person could have their own? Our Microwavable plush toys come in the cutest animal designs so there is something for everyone (sloth lovers, there's even one for you). With a microwave-safe filling and lightly scented with lavender, these stay warm for HOURS after just a short time in the microwave!! Whats also great about these is that they can be used all year round by popping them in the freezer during the warmer weather to cool down and even soothe headaches! 


5. Last of all, we all remember how fun it was jumping around in the puddles as children, but the worst part was being soaked the whole way home! How about if your kids could do that now and still stay completely dry? Our range of raincoats are made from waterproof fabric and lined with fleece to ensure your little ones will be warm throughout all their rainy adventures. They also have a detachable hood with front pockets to store any goodies they find along the way. These are the perfect addition to the wardrobe on those rainy winter days! Great for kindy, excursions, weekend sport and splashing in the puddles! 

We'd love to know what some of your winter essentials are for when out-and-about and around the house! Comment below and let us know.