Planning For 2016 With The Master Plan and OTI Diaries

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Planning For 2016 With The Master Plan and OTI Diaries

October 11, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids comments

With the end of the year fast approaching its time to start thinking about which diary will be best to help you stay organised for the year ahead.

Here at Lime Tree Kids we are very excited to be stocking the two most STYLISH and POPULAR organisers for 2016, the OTi (on To IT) and Master Plan Diary.

The OTi is the organiser of choice for women with style. Available in a range of on trend designs including stripes and animal print, its not only lovely to look at but will keep you and your family organised for the year ahead.  The OTI organiser calendar runs from January 2016 to January 2017 and each week is spread over two pages and includes the following:

*  To do list

*  Public and school holidays (Australia and New Zealand

*  Menu and exercise planning

*  List of people to call

*  Event section to help making organising your next holiday or entertaining with friends easier.


The OTi is also packed with other great features including:

*  A removable contacts and info booklet - giving you a single place to store your important info and contacts.

*  Refillable shopping list post it notes

*  Pocket for loos papers

*  Durable and wipeable cover

*  Pen loop and pen is included

*  Elastic enclosure


The Master Plan Diary is the perfect organiser to help busy families stay on top of their appointments and errands.  The Master Plan diary is available is a range of bright and vibrant colours, has an easy week view and best of all, with just one glance you can see what everyone in the family has scheduled for the week ahead.  Its calendar also starts in October 2015 and goes through to January 2017 - allowing you to begin to get ready for the new year ahead.  The Master Plan Diary really is the ultimate family organiser and some of its other features include:

  • *It has an unique and vertical layout which allows you to arrange your day in a way which suits you best.
  • *Its stylish and easily fits in your handbag, so its always there when you need it.
  • *An elastic closure, ribbon marker, removable notebook and perforated corners help keep your diary organised.
  • *There is also space for your menu plans, birthdays and a to do list.
  • *School holidays and public holidays for Australia, UK and New Zealand are included an they are perforated so you can remove the holidays which are not relevant to you.


So what are you waiting for? Visit our online shop today and start getting organised for 2016 now!