Preparing baby foods

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Preparing baby foods

October 3, 2011 By Lime Tree Kids Lime Tree Mumma Blog comments

Baby Sienna is 6 months old now and has settled in nicely in the week we have been home.  I’ve decided its come to the time I need to start her on more than Rice Cereal and apple.

I’m nervous.. Yes I know it sounds silly but I am what you can only describe as Cooking Challenged.. Even if it IS just steaming something and feeding it to a baby its kind of a stressful unnatural thing for me to do.

I’ve researched (in all my spare time) and I’ve been experimenting with some of our products and here’s what I’ve got so far..

Step 1. Choose the first vege or fruit I want to introduce.. CHECK! I’ve chosen Sweet Potato .

Step 2. Prepare this vege and puree once cooked using one of those scary loud wiz things your mother in law bought you last week (thank MIL by the way)

Step 3. As my baby is only 6 months old and eating only a few teaspoons of food etc . I’m storing & freezing all my food in our Qubies Trays.  These things are seriously COOL (no punt intended).

With Samuel (4 years ago) I used ice cube trays and it drove me (and Hubby who was always looking for actual ice) crazy. I broke at least 4 of them banging the things to get out the actual food.  Let’s be honest it was a messy, annoying process and it left me feeling rather Un- Martha Stewart like!  

So you can image my delight when I was approached by the owner of Qubies a few months ago and asked if I wanted to stock their line..  After some research, I found Qubies are unique in design. Unlike a regular icecube tray, the dividers are in the lid, minimising the awful mess that pouring puree into any tiny receptacle creates.A single Qubies tray creates seven 30ml portions of food – perfect when starting out on solids and great for mixing and matching when feeling more confident!

HELL YES I want to stock these!! I love anything that makes mums lives easier and this seemed to be a winner.  But now that I’ve used them I am in L.O.V. E ! 

What’s different you ask about these trays then others on the market?

Well they’ve cleverly moulded the food dividers on to the soft silicon lid! This means...

  • Cubes are released first time, every time! No more banging and swearing and digging to get the little food pods out.
  • Take one cube and leave the rest or pop into a freezer bag and have your Qubie ready to reuse
  • Simply pour the food into the base rather than spoon into individual compartments.   Now this is the awesome bit as it’s so easy to just pour what I’ve pureed into the tray and then stick the lid on. So much less mess = one happy Mamma!

Qubies comes with a lid which creates a super tight seal. This means... 

  • No more freezer burn or food smells in your cubes
  • Food/liquid won’t spill or leak if tipped
  • Store Qubies on its side if space is tight in the freezer

Qubies has a max fill line. This ensures...

  • You never overfill
  • You create a perfect 30ml cube

Qubies can be used to freeze just about anything you need in 30ml portions so after baby grows out of this food stage. You can use them for a massive amount of things such as freezing passionfruit, lemon juice, chicken stock etc .

Seriously, these things take virtually no room at all in the freezer!

So I’m on a food making frenzy. It’s been so easy I’m kind of feeling like I could almost go on MasterChef .  I have unleashed my Martha Steward-ness I tell you. Well that may be a stretch; but I may even venture into something other than spaghetti Bolognese or Tacos for dinner tomorrow night .