Kinetic Sand: The Perfect Indoor, Creative Play Toy for Kids

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[Product Stylecase] Kinetic Sand: The Perfect Indoor, Creative Toy for Kids of All Ages

April 11, 2014 By Prerna Play comments

Starting this month, we’ll be stylecasing {a spinoff on showcasing… with more style, of course!} a product to help you get to know more about it. 

Our product for April is Kinetic Sand, the perfect indoor toy for kids! Made from 98% sand and 2% magic, this lovely sensory and tactile play toy is every mum's dream come true for keeping kids off the telly and doing something creative and fun!!

Why Kids Love Kinetic Sand

Take a look at Sam's happy face to see why!!


Imagine not getting frustrated because your lovely sand castle wouldn’t stick?

Imagine the delight at being able to create cute little creatures or pretty things with sand without it getting under your fingernails or sticking to your clothes?

Imagine not getting sad because the play sand you’d gotten had dried out?

Yes, Kinetic Sand is every little kids’ dream come true!!

Kinetic Sand is HUGELY popular because it is super easy to play with. It doesn’t stick to you or your kiddies’ hands but magically sticks to itself!

The sand NEVER dries out and is non-toxic which means that you can keep using it over and over again. 

It is a delight to play with, mould, shape and create lovely sculptures using the tools. All the fun that sand offers with none of the mess.

Why Mums Love About Kinetic Sand

 Mums LOVE the Kinetic Sand for several reasons:

You can simply sweep and scoop it up easily if it spills on the floor.

It doesn’t stick to clothes and hands or feet, which means non-messy, creative play.

It’s perfect for kids aged 3 and older. And when we say, older… we mean a LOT older! **laughing**

Here’s what one mum had to say on Facebook! 

kinetic sand feedback

Shelley's Special Tip!

kinetic sand

Want to see how awesome it is and everything that you can do with it?

Here’s an excellent video! Want to get your own pack? Click here!!

Have a question about Kinetic Sand? Ask away!!