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Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Top 10 Indoor Activity Ideas to Keep Children Engaged

May 6, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Children & Family comments

rainy day activities for kids
Rainy day activities are well, in our opinions, those that you can never think of when it actually starts to rain!! Really.

 It’s as if all the ideas just fly out of our heads and we start to reach for the T.V remote or the iPad. Sigh! 

So, Mumma brain no more. We’re making life as mum easy for ourselves and YOU, by sharing 10 of the best activity ideas for when you’re stuck indoors, either because it’s raining or too hot or too cold. 

Now when it’ll start to rain, all I need to do is open up this page and boom! Ideas unlimited.

 You’re welcome ;)

 Our Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids


1. Read a Book

 Nothing beats reading when it’s rainy. How about keeping a “for when it rains” book stash for your self and the kiddies in the closet? Pull it out and you have “new-to-you” books to read and get some quiet time as well. 

2. Play Board Games 

Board games are always welcome especially, when kids start getting tired of reading or quiet play. Pull out a family fave, get some snacks out and sit down for some good, old-fashioned family fun!! 

3. Bake Cookies and Cakes 

Baking is what I personally love to do so when the weather gets gloomy, I get baking. My daughter joins me, apron and all, and we make easy yet yummy snacks that double up as lunch box fillers as well. 

Here are some of our faves. 

Also, get some adorable aprons for the kids while you’re at it ;) 

4. Do Art and Crafts 

Now I’m not a craft-loving mumma but I do love creative stuff, so I always have some of the gorgeous Tiger Tribe craft kits handy. 

You can either do that or if you’re feeling ambitious, head over to Pinterest and pick a project to do. Though really, Pinterest = rabbit hole ;) 

If nothing else, just get out the crayons, paints, glue and glitter and let the kids go to town. 

 5. Have Tons of Fun with Magnetic Toys

 Magnetic toys are great for keeping the kids engaged and inspired as they build structures, fun objects or even, dress up scenes.  

6. Host a Pretend Play Tea Party 

Those cookies you baked? Let the kids serve them along with some pretend play cakes and tea at their tea party. 

You can attend and so can Mr. Teddy and Floppy the Rabbit. 

7. Take Out the Kinetic Sand 

THIS is our secret weapon. When you can’t think of anything else, bring out the Kinetic Sand. Peace, quiet and play happen magically. Can you hear the angels singing?  

8. Puppet Play for the Win 

Puppets are perfect for pulling out of the toy chest on rainy days. Pair them with that book you’re reading with the kids and you’ll have them engrossed easily.

9. Dance the Fidgetiness Away 

Really. Put on some peppy, happy music and let the kids shake away their fidgetiness. Show the kids some of your “moves” ;) It’s also a great way to get in a good mood and turn grumpiness into silly smiles and gigglefests! 

10. Make Some Music 

I keep this for the end because, well I am highly sensitive to noise but if you’re more “musically” inclined than I am, a rainy day musical band activity will be tons of fun. 

You can bring out the musical toys or even, regular kitchen utensils- wooden spoons and metal pans and have them put up a show.

How do YOU keep the kids engaged, happy and creative on rainy days?