Six Summer Essentials for a Safe and Fun Season

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Six Summer Essentials for a Safe and Fun Season

January 22, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Children & Family comments

Summer, sweet summer!!

Yes, we maybe towards the end of the season but there’s nothing like being prepared for next year, right? ;)

So, on that note, here are 6 summer must-haves for a safe and fun-filled season of beaches, barbecues and bike riding!!


1. Helmet Hats for Sun Safe Bike Riding

The sunny weather is perfect for encouraging the kiddies to head out with their bicycles. Make sure they’re safe and protected with not just helmets but helmet hats that come with a UPF 50+ protection and are seriously trendy too!!


2. All Natural Mosquito Repellents

Don’t let the mosquitoes stop you from savoring the summer sweetness outdoors. Instead, stock up liberally on natural mosquito repellents, like Vanilla Mozi and the MosRepel bracelets.

These all natural mosquito repellent solutions are safe, easy-to-use and free of any nasty chemicals as well. So, go camping, hiking, trekking or just hanging out in the garden with ease!


3. Stay Organised with Sweet Swim Bags

Summer means swimming!! And if you’re like me, hunting for swim gear right before you’re supposed to leave isn’t your idea of fun. So, make sure you have some sweet swim bags for the kids all stocked up with their swim gear, ready to hit the beach.

For the little ones, the PaddlePaks and the Penny Scallan swim bags are perfect while older kids would like the SmellyBag Swimming Bags that are understated and yet stylish.


4. Safe and Stylish Sunglasses and Swim Goggles

Staying safe in the sun and keeping the kiddies’ eyes protected is easy and stylish with Babiators. Their sunglasses and swim goggles are perfect for the young and active little one. With trendy colours, designs and most importantly,100% sun protection, these are a season must-have for all little ones!


5.  Outdoor Fun with Picnic Blankets

Finally, summer means picnics and if you’re planning on spending time sprawled out on the grass, snacking, snoozing and savouring the summer sun, make sure you have a stylish and comfy picnic blanket as well.

For those of us with babies, the Skip Hop picnic blanket and cooler bag is perfect as is the Close Playmat. If you have older kids, you’ll like the funky bearskin picnic blanket for sure!!


What are some of the fun activities you enjoy engaging in during the summer??