Sonny Angels - How to Display Them

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Sonny Angels - How to Display Them

September 8, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids comments

We know you all love Sonny Angels as much as we do and now that your Sonny Angel collection is rapidly expanding, its time to think about how you are going to display all of your sweet little dolls around your house so that they can bring you joy and happiness throughout the day.  When it comes to how to display them, you are really only limited by your imagination (and how many Sonny Angels your own of course!) so to help give you some inspiration, weve put together a collection of five fun ways to display your Sonny Angel Dolls.



Shadow Boxes

Displaying your Sonny Angels in a shadow box is a great way of showing off your collection.  You can find cute  and inexpensive shadow boxes at Kmart and to put your own touch on them, why not paint your shadow box to match the decor of your room?

Images from Finding Myself Young


Glass Jars

Recycle those empty glass jars - they make the perfect prop to display your Sonny Angels in!  You can also use some coloured paper or fabric to bring out the colours in your Sonny Angels headgear.


Image Credit


Tea Cups

How could you not smile when you see a cup full of Sonny Angels smiling back at you!

This is an adorable way to bring a little bit of cuteness to your work desk or bedside table.

Image Credit




Make a statement and display one of your favourite Sonny Angels under a pretty Klosh.  You could also group similar coloured Sonny Angels together to help bring a pop of colour to your bench top, table or book case.

Image Credit


A shelf display such as those pictured below is a great way to not only show off your Sonny Angel Collection, but it also brings a sense of fun and style to your childs bedroom.


Image from Kid Candy Co



Image from Syl Loves Shabby


To start (or add!) to your collection today, check out our great range of Sonny Angel dolls.


How do you display your Sonny Angel collection?