Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

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Stocking Filler Gift Ideas Under $20

November 24, 2020 By Lime Tree Kids Children comments

Who doesn't love to fill up Christmas stockings? We've come up with the perfect list of Stocking Filler gift ideas for Christmas! And even better, they're all under $20! 

To view the full Stocking Filler range, check it out on our website here.


Pull the trigger to play and see how high you can score! This classic handheld pinball game will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Pull back the trigger to release the ball - can you get the ball in the black hole to score 600? 

Recommended for ages 5+. 

These double ended 6 pack of highlighters feature two different tips! Use one tip to draw and colour in with bright colours, then flip the highlighter and sketch over the top to see your drawing or words appear like magic!

Perfect for writing secret messages or using them to erase mistakes! Just use the white tip to touch up the colour that went outside the lines. 

Magic highlighters are water-soluble and non-toxic. 

Recommended for ages 3+