The Best Easter Activities, Art and Craft for Toddlers

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The Best Easter Activities, Art and Craft for Toddlers

February 3, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Children & Family comments

Easter is on the 5th of April and if you’re like me, you’d want to get a head start on having some fun yet meaningful activities to teach the kids, especially toddlers, about Easter and the reason we celebrate it.


Here are some of our best handpicked Easter activities for kindy-goers and toddlers:


1. Craft a Super Simple Easter Chick

 Spend just a few minutes crafting this super simple Easter chick that needs only newspaper, tape, yellow wrapping paper and some bits and bobs from your craft supplies stash!

 It’s perfect as a table decoration or even, to gift to their kindy teacher!

 2. Bake Some No-Egg Easter Cookies

 If your toddler loves eating the cookie dough more than the cookies themselves, this Egg-free Easter Cookies dough is just what you need. Plus, the cookie themselves are yummy and such fun to decorate.

 3. Make Dyed Easter Eggs with Ease

 Dyeing Easter eggs is a lovely tradition and while it can be messy, it is a great way to spend time with toddlers telling them the Easter story and also, encouraging creative play. These easy Easter egg dyeing tips will make it super fun for you to dye the eggs with your toddlers in tow.

4. Create a Cross from Egg Cartons

Have some egg cartons around? Help your toddler turn it into a lovely egg carton cross that would be perfect to put up on their doors, the fridge or even on the dining table, along with the chick we made in #1. ;)

5. Send Out Cute Easter Cards

Toddlers love thumbprint art. Turn chubby thumb prints into cute Easter chick cards that you can then send out to grandparents and extended family.

6. Put Together an Easter Bunny Sock Puppet

Tell the Easter story with the help of the Easter bunny. Yes, turn a sock into a cute Easter bunny sock puppet with nothing more than a needle, thread, some glue and googly eyes.

7. Colour in Some Easter Colouring Sheets 

Toddlers LOVE colouring and it is such a wonderful way to teach them about why we celebrate Easter as well. Download some free Easter colouring printable sheets here and you’ll be all set.

8. Have an Easter Tea Party

Finally, and this one is my fave. Host an Easter tea party, complete with the cookies you baked earlier and some more fun treats. Here are our top picks for an egg-citing Easter tea party for toddlers {and older kids too}!!

To Make:


Easter Rice Bubble Nests


Easter Chicken Cupcakes


Easter Choc Ripple Cake

 To Serve:

Belle and Boo Dinner Party Set