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The ULTIMATE List of Fun, Creative and Inspiring Indoor Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages {Part 1}

May 13, 2014 By Prerna Play comments

indoor play ideas
With the cold, rainy weather just sneaking around the corner, chances are all of us are stocking up on fun ways to keep the kiddies engaged and happy when they can’t go out to play, right? 

So, here are 17 {yep, try one every other day of the month!} fun, creative and inspiring indoor play and activity ideas for kids of all ages, right from your wee baby to active kindy goer. 

1. Puzzle It Out 

Puzzles are great for kids of all ages. Whether you have a 12-month old eager to explore or an enthusiastic 4-year old, you’re bound to find puzzles to suit everyone. 

Bring out the puzzles when it’s raining or too cold to go outdoors and give one set to each kid, if different ages or if they’re in the same age group, give them one to share. Not only will they learn to play with each other  quietly, they’ll learn colours, shapes, eye-hand coordination and more! 

Shelley’s picks: 

Janod Knight Battle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

 Janod Fish Puzzle

 Lilliputiens Circus Recreabox

 Petit Collage Growing Garden Floor Puzzles

 Click through to browse our amazing collection of handpicked blocks and puzzles for kids of all ages.


  2. Paint and Draw Delights

 Every child loves to mess around with crayons and paints. While you can easily give them sheets of white paper and some crayons, pens and paints to play with and let their imagination loose, if you want to add more variety to the colouring and painting routine, you can get some cool colouring kits, colour-your own costume kits and more!

 Shelley’s Picks: 

Piccolo Colouring Kits 

Donkey Products iWood Mini My First Tablet Blackboard

 Tiger Tribe Washable Colouring Books

  3. Art and Craft Kits That Make It Easy

 Am not the crafty sorts but my daughter is and she loves to make cutesy creations. Enter super-fun craft kits that I bust out when we’ve done a lot of other things. These craft kits come with all supplies and easy instructions, making it super simple {even for me} to create lovely photo frames, masks, puppets and more easily.

 Shelley’s Picks:

 Make and Play Masks

 Make and Play Puppets

 Photo Frame Deco Kits

 4. Fun Themed Tapes to Create Roads and Train Tracks

 Super fun times ahead when you take out the lovely road tape or train tape and create a fun track or autobahn right in the living room or kids’ playroom!!

 Shelley’s Picks:

 My First Road Tape

My First Train Track Tape


5. Magnetic Play That’s Magical

 Magnets are always TONS of fun!! And when you can use magnetic toys, like SmartMax to create cool vehicles, palaces and more, you can be sure that the kids will have a blast!!

 Shelley’s Picks: 

SmartMax Flower Palace 

SmartMax Power Vehicles 

6. Sculpture Fun with Kinetic Sand   

Kinetic Sand! The sand that’s taken Australia by storm will be a go-to sanity saver during the days when the kids are stuck indoors. Bring it out and watch them go to town creating delightful sculptures out of this magical sand that sticks ONLY to itself but not to you or your clothes. Bliss!! 

Stay tuned for our next post listing Nos. 7-17 of this ultimate list of indoor play activities and ideas!!