Toilet Training Toddlers: Tips that Work for Parents

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Toilet Training Toddlers: What Every Mum Must Know

June 9, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Toilet Training Tips and Ideas comments

Toilet training toddlers can be quite an experience for mums and dads.

Depending on how the whole potty training experience unfolds at your home, the experience can be either easy and exciting or fussy and frustrating. Either way, it is important to remember a few essentials as you begin to toilet train your toddler.

There is No Right Age to Toilet Train

That’s true. Some babies are ready to be potty trained at the age of 12 months or even, younger while others are more willing around 2 and a half years.

Try regularly but don’t push.

And always remember, we’ve never really come across a teenager in nappies, have we?

 So, your toddlers will learn to use the grown up toilet, in their own time.

Recognize Readiness for the Potty

How do you know when your toddler is ready to be toilet trained?

According to the What to Expect folks, potty training readiness signs include a dislike for dirty nappies, announcing that they’re about to poop or pee {yes, THIS can be very interesting, indeed!}, understanding toilet training language, and predictable bowel movements.

One of the signs that I, personally, feel is really important is an acceptance of the toilet training seat or chair. Massive meltdowns every single time usually means you need to wait a bit.

Make Toilet Training Toddlers Easy with a Little Help

Toilet training our toddlers can be made easier with a little help from essentials such as a portable toilet training seat that can be used both at home and when outdoors.

A car seat protector will make cleanups easier when on road trips or even, just being out and about in the car. 

A rewards chart is a great motivator for toddlers who love stars and prizes. 

Reusable toilet training pants or undie liners can make the transition from nappies to underwear much easier.</https:> 

Waterproof sheet protectors will make night time toilet training easier for everyone. 

What toilet training tips do YOU have for fellow Mums and Dads?