Top 1-2 Year Old Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top 1-2 Year Old Christmas Gift Ideas!

November 1, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas, Family & Lifestyle comments


Discover our delightful Christmas gift ideas for 1-2 year olds, designed to bring joy and laughter to your family this holiday season. From gorgeous wooden toys to interactive learning games, we have something special for every tiny tot.

Explore the magic of Christmas with our handpicked selection today!


Baby Walker with Blocks


This multi-functional walker comes complete with 30 colourful, wooden alphabet and numerical blocks. By encouraging toddlers to get moving and learn how to walk, this Baby Walker is extremely beneficial for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The beautifully designed wooden blocks will also help little ones learn how to count numbers, make words and identify shapes and patterns. Made from high-quality, solid wood, this sustainable wooden toy combines play, fun, and movement and is sure to be loved by any toddler!


Shop Baby Walker with Blocks Here

Dog Shape Sorter


Pull him along or fill him with shapes - the Dog Shape Sorter is a crowd favourite for busy kids! Did we mention that he is also adorable, and will look fabulous in any toy room? Grab yours now and ensure you have got the happiest toddler this Christmas!


Shop Dog Shape Sorter Here

Vehicle Peg Puzzle


Little hands will LOVE our beautiful collection of peg puzzles! Encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development, these sweet puzzles are both fun and educational at the same time, and we just love the cute illustrations. Such a great Christmas gift for a little one!


Shop All Peg Puzzles Here

Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+


One of the most perfect Christmas gifts for a toddler! They'll love watching the colourful balls zoom down the tower, plus they chime while they make their way down it's spiral track! It's had a recent revamp too, and now includes a larger base so that it's super sturdy for the littlest of hands. We love the added bonus of it being an amazing tool for developing hand-eye coordination. 


Shop Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+ Here

Sensory Spinners - Aussie Animals


Send little ones into a twirly spin this Christmas with Sensory Spinners - Aussie Animals — an engaging three piece sensory toy to touch, explore, shake (makes a rattle sound), chew and SPIN! Designed to encourage fine motor skills, sensory play and cause-effect learning in infants and toddlers — Sensory Spinners feature a trio of cute Aussie animals each with a two, three or four paddle spinner. Contours and textures encourage small hands to explore and touch. A strong suction cup behind each animal allows easy attachment to any smooth non-porous surface (think bathtubs, tiles, high chairs, mirrors, fridges and car windows). The spinner sticks firmly allowing super steady spins and independent play. Listen out for the rattle sound too.


Shop Sensory Spinners - Aussie Animals Here

Janod Cocoon Activity Table


The Cocoon Activity Table from Janod is the perfect activity table for toddlers to explore, touch and learn all at the same time.  Place the cogs into the correct position and turn them around. Stack the two different trees or sort five shapes into their colour coded slots. Move the coloured balls around the looping toy or push the vehicles around the track. The options are endless and will provide your little one with hours of learning and fun! A Christmas gift that your child will absolutely LOVE!


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