Top 5 Back-to-School Organisation Tips for Mums

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Top 5 Back-to-School Organisation Tips for Mums: How to Get Organised for School Season

January 21, 2014 By Prerna Family & School comments
organising tips for mums

Ahh… school season! Am sure all of you are looking forward to it quite excitedly because although we LOVE having our little ones at home to cuddle, play, and have fun with, we also enjoy sending them off to school so that we can conquer Mount Laundry or sip a cup of tea, in peace. 

But school days can be hectic, rushed and the mornings, especially, can leave you feeling as if someone put YOU through the wringer, right?

So, let’s get a head start on school season this year with some easy-to-do and effective back-to-school organisation tips to help you get organised and streamline this busy season: 

1. Get Organised with a Mum Planner or Organiser

First off, grab your mum planner or organiser and the school calendar and note down school holidays, parent-teacher conference days, school day trip days and any other special dates that you need to remember. It’ll also be a good idea to note down the timings and days for any after-school activities that the kids may be involved in. 

Our Picks for Mum Organisers and Planners: 
The Master Plan Family Diary 
Inner B Mum Organiser 

2. Get the Family Organised

Getting the family organised with their school routines and schedules doesn’t have to be stressful. Think creative and out-of-the-box to help kids remember what needs to be done when. 

Fun organisation or planner bag tags and routine charts as well as reward charts for activities done on time can make it a lot simpler for even younger kids to get on board!

Our Picks for Family Organisation Tools: 
Doowell Weekly Planner 
Doowell Family Calendar 
Doowell Calendar 
Plan It Kids Organiser Bag Tags 

3. Organise School Lunchbox Ideas 

Packing a healthy school lunch is something all of us mums want to do but if we aren’t planned, you can count on not knowing what to pack in the kids’ lunchboxes come school morning! 

A menu plan for school lunches can help you plan a main and snacks for school days. Plus, getting the right lunchbox and drink bottle can make it super simple for you to pack a healthy, wholesome lunch that kids would love. 

Our Ideas for Healthy Lunches: 
How to Add Fun and Flavour to Kids Lunchboxes 
How to Pack a Safe Lunch 
FREE Printable Menu Planner 

4. Organise A Command Central 

A command central is a fantastic way to ensure that backpacks go where they belong, homework and notices from school aren’t misplaced and that the house doesn’t look like a disaster area when they kids come home. 

We have tons of ideas for command central organisation on Pinterest but you don’t always need something fancy. Just a handy place to store for backpacks and a storage bench for keeping other miscellaneous school  and after-school activity gear in will be handy. 

Our Picks for Creating a Command Central: 
Mocka Storage Unit-6 Cubes
3 Sprout Storage Bins and Caddies 

5. Organise School Uniforms or Clothes 

Finally, whether your kiddies have school uniforms or they wear their own casual clothes for school, having everything they need organised in their wardrobe can make mornings much easier for everyone! 

Our Picks for School Wardrobe Organisation 

NeatKids 10 Shelf Organiser-Pop Rocks  
NeatKids 6 Shelf Organiser

Here are some more awesome tips to get organised and stay organised during school season from the lovely mums on our Facebook page