Top Art & Craft Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Art & Craft Christmas Gift Ideas!

October 17, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas & Family comments


The best way to ignite creativity and inspire imaginations? Gift your kids arts and crafts materials for Christmas! They'll just love unwrapping presents filled with colourful paints, glitter markers or something to chop up or stick down! If you're after an inspiring and engaging Christmas gift this year, take a look at our top art and craft picks!


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Hama Large Storage Box 12,000 Beads


Versatile? Yep. Creative? You bet. Suitable for children 5+? Absolutely! These Hama beads are going to be a winner this Christmas! Your children will be creating beautiful designs and will be entertained for hours on end with this one! And we've always got more beads ready for you when you run out...!


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Djeco Fortune Tellers Origami


Djeco's origami range is great for children of all skill levels - they help to promote patience and resilience, but is also awesome for mindfulness and stress-relieving. They'll be producing amazing paper art in no time! The perfect Christmas gift to keep your children busy during the school holidays. 


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Tiger Tribe Shrinkies Ultimate Collection


Loving the childhood classic creativeness of Shrink Art this Christmas! Just cut it, colour it, bake it and wear it! Your kids will be making fab key rings and jewellery by simply colouring the beautifully illustrated designs, cutting them out and then watching them magically shrink to 40% of their original size, right in front of your eyes! And the best bit… as your artwork shrinks the colours become more intense and look absolutely amazing!


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Scratch & Scribble Monsters


Universally appealing, incredibly engaging, and all in one convenient kit?! Count us in! These Scratch & Scribble kits are so much fun, and reveal the cutest illustrations! You can scratch your own textures and patterns, and better yet, frame them afterwards to display some seriously awesome artwork! 


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Glitter Markers


Want to add a festive touch to your kids' creative projects and holiday-themed crafts? You'll definitely be wanting to grab some Glitter Markers for that! They're the perfect way to level up any crafty creation you've got on the go, or even a school project, and they're super easy for kids to use!


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Sensory Cotton Sand 2kg Blue


We are loving Cotton Sand as a Christmas gift idea! Not only is it a super creative way to play, but it's just plain FUN too! It's fun for all ages (yes, even parents!! We get it!) and can be a relaxing activity to wind down at the end of a busy day during the holiday period. 


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How To Draw - Animals 


Got a budding artist? This one is perfect for them! The How To Draw kits are both educational and creative, and are perfect for children who want to learn how to draw, AND children who want to refine their talents! 


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