Top Baby & Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Baby & Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas!

October 12, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas & Family comments


Want to make Christmas extra special for the really little ones in your life? Well we’ve got some awesome gift ideas that will bring tons of joy and laughter to their faces. Make this Christmas an unforgettable one for the kids with these amazing toddler and baby gift ideas!


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Spiral Tower Evo Play Eco+


One of the most perfect Christmas gifts for a toddler! They'll love watching the colourful balls zoom down the tower, plus they chime while they make their way down it's spiral track! It's had a recent revamp too, and now includes a larger base so that it's super sturdy for the littlest of hands. We love the added bonus of it being an amazing tool for developing hand-eye coordination. 


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Inny Bin


We totally get why these Inny Bins are so popular! They're an incredibly unique shape-exploration experience! They have six chunky shape blocks, and are each designed with fascinating textures that are sure to thrill the fingers. There's a cube, a diamond, a sphere, a triangle, a flower, and the happy Fat Brain logo... But the best part? As kids push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube, curiosity is sparked and young minds can't help but explore, experiment, and discover.


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Miniland Sensorial Reef


A marine experience to stimulate the senses this holiday season! Toddlers and babies alike will love this plush sensorial reef! They’ll have so much fun touching, biting, looking at, and listening to this soft coral reef, and love exploring its secrets. It comes with a practical strap to hang it on the stroller or cot, and also a removable octopus rattle!


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Musical Melody Mix


This one isn't just a Christmas gift - it's a whole world of musical fun! Any toddler will just love to explore different sounds, rhythms and instruments with the Melody Mix! They can tap on the drum, shake the maracas, strike the xylophone, and much much more! This gift is one that will bring lots of excitement and musical moments to your little maestro's Christmas celebrations!


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Baby Walker With Blocks


This is not just any baby walker… It’s a baby walker with blocks! This multifunctional walker comes complete with 30… yes 30 (!!!)… colourful, wooden alphabet and numerical blocks! It helps encourage toddlers to get on their feet, get moving, and learn how to walk. The blocks are also beautifully designed and assist with literacy and numeracy skills later in life.


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Discoveroo Zig Zag Ramp Racer


Looking for something super fun and engaging to give your toddler for Christmas? This is it! These are super sturdy for little kids, but will definitely continue to be a favourite as your child grows! No assembly required - just pull it out of the box and start playing straight away!!


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Dog Shape Sorter


Pull him along or fill him with shapes - the Dog Shape Sorter is a crowd favourite for busy kids! Did we mention that he is also adorable, and will look fabulous in any toy room? Grab yours now and ensure you have got the happiest toddler this Christmas!


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