Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls!

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Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls!

October 12, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas & Family comments


When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for girls, the options are endless. From art supplies, to construction materials and classic toys, bring joy to your child's holiday season with something from our fantastic range! There's something for every interest and age group, ensuring a super special and memorable gift.


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Miniland Caucasian Baby Girl Doll


Gifting your child a doll is like gifting them a tiny best friend with an infinite capacity for tea parties, adventures, and whispered secrets. It's a versatile confidant that never complains about mismatched outfits or changes in playtime plans. Wrap yourself up a doll if you want to be the ultimate gift-giver this holiday season!


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Belle and Boo House Box Tea Set


A tea set at Christmas is the gift of giggles and grace, where your child can host tea parties that even a teddy bear would RSVP "yes" to! So, this holiday season, brew up some smiles and give them a tea set that'll turn them into a pint-sized hostess with the mostess!


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Connetix Pastel 106 Piece Ball Run Pack


Do you ever find yourself wanting to gift an amazing, incredible, pastel ball run from Connetix? Well you're in luck! We've got Connetix coming out our ears! Connetix is the perfect gift that combines fun and learning, stimulates a child's imagination, and offers a wide range of developmental benefits, making it both a thoughtful and versatile choice for children of all ages!


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Hama Bead Storage Box 12,000 Beads


Hama beads are such a popular gift! We love that combine creativity and fun, and it won't just be the kids enjoying themselves, but adults too! Kids can get to work straight away creating ornaments for the Christmas tree or a gift for a loved one... It really is such a thoughtful and exciting gift!


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Doll Houses


What could be better than a gorgeous Doll House for Christmas?! These are timeless, versatile, and come unfurnished, so you and your child can choose whichever furniture you like to decorate the house! Their imaginations will run wild for hours on end with this beautiful house.


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My Very Own Rainbow Light


Adding a touch of enchantment and warmth to any room, the Rainbow Light's soft, colorful glow creates a soothing ambiance, making it perfect for relaxation, meditation, or even as a nightlight for children. It's a unique Christmas gift that your children will just adore!


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Jewellery Design Kit - Super Clay Necklaces


Does this one take you back to your childhood? Us too! This Jewellery Design Kit makes such a cute little Christmas gift, as it's amazing for both beginner and experienced little jewellery designers! By following the easy visual instructions kids will be fashioning their own beautiful bead necklaces in no time, perfect for brightening up a special outfit or gift giving to friends and family!


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