Top Educational and STEM Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Educational and STEM Christmas Gift Ideas!

October 20, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas & Lifestyle comments


We love the educational value of a good STEM toy for Christmas! Not only are they a world of fun, but they blend entertainment with learning, and why wouldn't you want that in a toy!? Our picks for STEM Christmas gifts include something for every child, no matter their interests, and are sure to provide hours and hours of fun and entertainment!


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STEAM Deluxe Kitchen Science


Your kids are going to love discovering the fun and excitement of science with this awesome Kitchen Science kit! Performing amazing science experiments with everyday items and materials that you'll probably already have in your kitchen, like forks, tomatoes and baking soda... It doesn't get much cooler than that!


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Connetix Rainbow 92 Piece Ball Run Pack


This one isn't just for the kids - adults always love it too! It's an open-ended, high-quality toy that will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex. It comes with an ideas book to inspire you to build more when you think you've built it all, and you can ring the grandparents and ask them to grab the Ball Run Expansion Pack to complement it and level up your gift-giving skills!


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Tiger Tribe 50cm Inflatable World Globe


These globes are tons of fun, promoting active, educational and creative play! Not only will your little explorer be having a blast throwing around their new inflatable globe, but it will help them to grasp the basics of geography as well! Winning!


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Ant City 


Ever wanted a house full of ants? Probably not! So this one will keep all the little bug lovers out there at bay! And you can even leave it outside (under cover). How good!
Any ants will do, they cost basically nothing to feed, and maybe they'll even stop bugging you for a new puppy with these cool new pets! With this kit, they'll be learning about ant chemical communication, ant families, and what it takes to be a myrmecologist!


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Liquifly Deluxe Water Rocket


3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!!!! This Deluxe Water Powered Rocket is guaranteed to be a hit with the young and old. This seriously fun STEM experiment uses air and water to launch the rocket up to 30 metres in the air! The rocket kit includes a bottle, set of fins, 2 valves (low & high launch), a hose, and detailed instructions. All you need is water!!


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Discovery Zone 3 in 1 Balloon Racers


Fly, race and float using only the power of air! This amazing set includes a balloon-powered helicopter, car, AND boat, as well as balloons so your child can unwrap and start playing straight away! This one will be teaching them all about both physics and kinetic energy.


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Saturn Scope


Looking for a telescope that's both perfect for kids and beginners, but also able to be used by experienced astronomers and adults? Look no further than the Saturn Scope! It comes with 3 different sized eyepieces, making it perfect for observing stars, moons and planets, and has a 76mm mirror that gathers lots of light for clear images. Even beginners can get great views of celestial objects with this one! And don't worry about complex assembly - the Saturn Scope is insanely easy to set up and take down, so your kids can begin their astronomical journey the second they open this amazing Christmas gift!


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Construct A Clock


This super cool, brightly coloured clock can be constructed in just 10 minutes! A great tool to not only teach your kids how gears and cogs work, but it will also help them learn to tell the time! Bonus! The clock is spring-driven, so no batteries required (how good)! Once you've finished construction, just wind it up and watch the cogs turn and tick away!


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DIY 3D Wooden Solar Truck Science & Craft Kit


One of our favourite STEM gifts this Christmas! Build your own solar truck with this awesome kit that includes all the tools needed, with no need for messy glue or paint! The pieces simply slot into place, and you can decorate it with the stickers once constructed! All you have to do to make it go is add the electronic components and pop it in direct sunlight. Once it's charged, your car will be racing all over town! It's that easy!


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