Top Night Light Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Night Light Christmas Gift Ideas!

November 3, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas, Family & Lifestyle comments


Our sweet range of night lights are a must-have for little ones this Christmas! Offering comfort, security, and of course style, these night lights are a gorgeous addition to help brighten up any kids room, and the cute designs are sure to knock their socks off! Shop our range of night lights, and let their Christmas be merry AND bright!


Smiley Bundle of Light


A crowd favourite! This mini-light in the shape of Smiley┬« comes with something nice to say; take the time to smile! He's made of soft silicone and has a battery powered LED lamp.He's also from a series of collectables, consisting of little bundles of joy, each created to help you create little moments of light. Collect them for a happy display on your shelves or gift them to friends you cherish the most. Together we'll brighten the day, home and world.


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Duski Dream Light LED Night Light Unicorn PLUG IN


Duski Dream Lights are always a super popular option at Christmas, and rightfully so! The night light comes with an easy to use remote which has 16 colour options each with 3 levels of brightness. The rainbow colour changing function gently scrolls through all the colours providing enough light to feed, change and check in on your little one. At maximum brightness this Night Light can also be used as a side lamp - providing enough light to read books with your little one.


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Dinosaur String Lights


The perfect gift for any Dinosaur lover! These lights also come in a Unicorn design, and are a super fun and different way to add a little light to your child's room! The light consists of 10 different Dinosaurs on a 2.1m string, and will make your little one a very happy child this Christmas!


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My Very Own Rainbow Light


Bring nature's most beautiful light show into your bedroom and fill your room with rainbows with this amazing light projector. Multi-coloured LEDs will display rainbow colours on walls and ceilings in a darkened room. It's got two illumination modes: instant or fade, and the auto shut-off feature saves battery life! Perfect for parties and sleepovers, and a charming night light to inspire sweet dreams. It also includes a sunlight rainbow crystal to affix on a sunny window and watch natural rainbows dance around the room


Shop My Very Own Rainbow Light Here

Mr Maria Miffy First Light Lamp


The Miffy First Light lamp works as a nightlight for kids and adults alike. This beautiful light object exudes a soft, warm glow - ideal for storytelling with your little one at bed time, or even as decor for any interior.
The First Light version is 30 cm high and comes with a dimmable LED module. Just use the dim button on the bottom to select the perfect brightness setting. There are 6 brightness settings, including a night mode option.


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Duski Rechargeable Bluetooth Night Light Llama


The most gorgeous llama night light there is! Simply use the remote control to change between all the various settings including colours, dimming, brightness, and music. Best of all it's not only a night light, it's also a bluetooth speaker. This allows you to tailor the stream calming and relaxing sounds, white noise, your favourite lullabies, or even a story. This night light has a low powered LED so that it doesn't emit heat, perfect so that little fingers cannot get burnt. It is also very compact making it great for travelling or for sleepovers.


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Full Moon Colour Changing Light


Turn your room into the Milky Way with this amazing Rechargeable Colour Changing Full Moon Light! Simply tap the light to change colour between red, green blue and white, or tap again to select the colour changing option. One final tap will turn it off. The light sits in a beautiful beechwood base, and the charging time is only 2 hours approximately, and each charge lasts 4-5 hours! The perfect Christmas present!


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