Top Puzzle Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Puzzle Christmas Gift Ideas!

October 30, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas, Family & Lifestyle comments


Educational value, engaging, screen-free entertainment, development of fine motor skills?! Yes please! Puzzles as Christmas gifts are a yes from us! Our range is specially curated, and includes only the best quality, and most beautifully designed puzzles you'll find! Take a look at our top picks!


The Human Body 200pc Puzzle and Book


An awesome, life-sized puzzle with great details and fantastic educational value?! Yes please! This 200pc human body puzzle is 130cm tall, features all you need to know about the skeleton, muscles, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, as well as the brain, and comes with a 32 page book that will allow your children to learn all about the human body! Awesome!


Shop The Human Body 200pc Puzzle and Book Here

Double Sided Puzzle 100pc Cats & Dogs


Two-in-one! Bingo! We love these Mudpuppy puzzles as Christmas gifts not just for their superb quality, but also for their whole range of cute designs and styles, and because they're DOUBLE SIDED! So you're getting two puzzles for the price of one. Don't you love a Christmas gift bargain?!


Shop All Double Sided Puzzles Here

Creative Rubber Band Geoboard Pattern Puzzle Game


A childhood favourite for lots of mums and dads out there! Use the wooden pinboard and colourful rubber bands to create pictures and patterns! You can follow the inspiration cards, or you can come up with your own intricate creations! 


Shop Creative Rubber Band Geoboard Pattern Puzzle Game 

Djeco Puzz Art Octopus Puzzle 350pc


Djeco's Puzz Art range is such a cool, different range of puzzles. They are all shaped as animal silhouette's rather than the standard rectangle! They come in a variety of different animals, but this gorgeous Octopus filled with a fishy scene from the depths of the ocean, means normal puzzle rules do not apply, as there are no corners! They come in a lovely box, perfect for a Christmas gift, and you can bet nobody else will be doubling up on this one!


Shop All Djeco Puzz Art Puzzles Here

Vehicle Peg Puzzle


Little hands will LOVE our beautiful collection of peg puzzles! Encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development, these sweet puzzles are both fun and educational at the same time, and we just love the cute illustrations. Such a great Christmas gift for a little one!


Shop All Peg Puzzles Here

IQ Fit - Kids Logic Game


A puzzle for the older kids! This one requires some deep thinking, and will keep your brain in tip-top shape! Simply follow the instruction book to set up your board, and use your tetris skills to slot in the remaining pieces! With over 120 different levels and challenges, this is bound to be your child's new favourite!


Shop All Smart Games Here

Magnetic Puzzle Land & Sea


Another super cool puzzle where you'll get bang for your buck with 2-in-1, but this time... It's MAGNETIC and comes with a magnetised tri-fold portfolio, so your kids can puzzle on the go! And there's so many cool designs to choose from!


Shop All Magnetic Puzzles Here