Top Stocking Filler Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Top Stocking Filler Christmas Gift Ideas!

October 27, 2023 By Lime Tree Kids Baby, Children, Christmas, Family & Lifestyle comments


Stocking Fillers are a MUST at Christmas! Our selection of Stocking Filler Gift Ideas has been specially curated to complement any of the larger gifts you've got waiting under the tree. You might already have the practical stuff, like toothbrushes and hair gel, ready to pop under the tree, but don't you want to see their faces light up when they unwrap one of our amazingly fun Stocking Fillers?!


Card Holdas


A super practical AND super popular stocking filler year after year are these fantastic Card Holdas! Anyone who loves a card game can use it, and anyone who often loses at card games will want this to give them an extra hand (literally)! They help you hold up to 20 cards at a time, and gives your child a bit more independence, as they won't need help holding them anymore!


Shop Card Holdas Here

Djeco Temporary Tattoos - Various Designs


We LOVE adding temporary tattoos as a stocking filler! With over 20 themes and designs to choose from, your kids are going to have a blast tatting themselves and their friends up!


Shop All Djeco Temporary Tattoos Here

Sun Jellies Retro Baskets


A blast from the past! These Retro Baskets are perfect for any little one to accessorise their outfit with and carry around their toys in! To the beach, or the shops, you can take this one anywhere!


Shop Sun Jellies Retro Baskets Here

Penguin Bowling in a Bag


What could be better than bowling? PENGUIN bowling!! Use the wooden ball to knock down these cute little guys, and then pack them up in their own little storage bag afterwards!


Shop Penguin Bowling in a Bag Here

IS Aussie Torch Projector


With a range of different designs to choose from, these torch projectors are the ultimate night time fun! Shine it on your wall or ceiling to see the selected image! Each projector comes with 24 images, and they also have a carry chain so they can go with you to sleepovers!


Shop All Torch Projectors Here

Tiger Tribe Bath Crayons


These vibrantly coloured bath crayons are the perfect size for little hands and big bath time fun! They're made specifically for use on smooth wet surfaces like bathroom tiles and bath tubs. But don't worry! They are of course super easy to clean, and will simply wash off with a damp cloth!


Shop Tiger Tribe Bath Crayons Here

Magic Christmas Tree


Grow and decorate your very own sparkly Christmas tree in just a matter of hours! Assembly is minimal, your tree will start to magically grow within 1-2 hours, and after 10 hours, you'll have a fully grown tree ready to be decorated with glitter and sparkles!


Shop Magic Christmas Trees Here

Dough Characters


No more yucky brown playdough after mixing the colours to make faces! Why would you need to when you've got Dough Characters?! As if playing with playdough wasn't fun enough, now you can elevate your children's play time with these cute and kooky faces!


Shop Dough Characters Here

Balloon Balls - Dinosaur and Unicorn


Blow it up like a balloon, and play with it like a ball! These inflatable and deflatable, reusable balloon balls are going to bring SO much fun to your Christmas morning! They come in various Dinosaur and Unicorn designs, so there's one for everyone!


Shop Balloon Balls Here

IS Slap Bands - Dinosaur and Unicorn


Slap it on your wrist and off you go! These super slap bands come in a Dinosaur or Unicorn design, and allow you to take your friendly little Unicorn or ferocious T-Rex wherever you go!


Shop IS Slap Bands Here

Heebie Jeebies Touch Bubbles 


If you've never blown a bubble and then been able to catch and hold it, you're missing out! These Touch Bubbles are so cool and so fun, and take your bubble blowing sessions to the next level!


Shop Heebie Jeebies Touch Bubbles Here

IS Crystal Growing Kit


Ever wanted a stylish and educational kit that will allow you to grow your own crystals?! Well you're in luck because we've got them ready for you to gift for Christmas! In just 7 days, your child will have grown their very own sparkling crystal cluster! How awesome!


Shop IS Crystal Growing Kit Here