Ultrasonic Vapourisers / Diffusers Comparison

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Ultrasonic Vapourisers / Diffusers Comparison

April 5, 2017 By Lime Tree Kids Healthy Living comments


Ultrasonic Vapourisers have become a household item now. They can be used for helping sick children - replacing the old humidifiers of our childhoods and allowing parents to say goodbye to wet walls and windows and condensation causing mould.  The cool mist also means its great for warmer days or climates as it doesn't heat up the entire room but still produces vapour that aides in congestion and better breathing. 

The most exciting thing though is that when the kids are not sick we can actually use the device for personal use. By using essential pure oils we can also embrace their therapeutic value and enhance family well being - Woot Woot !!

Essential oils are becoming mainstream now also and extremely popular with brands such as doTERRA Essential Oils becoming increasingly popular as a holistic way to approach , cleaning , behaviour and overall wellbeing that the Ultrasonic Diffusers or Ultrasonic Vapourisers are now coming in loads of new shapes and sizes ,  all having their own features also.

And so in order to help with the confusion we've made the below chat for you to check out what vapouriser might suit you and your lifestyle or needs.