What's the difference between all our vapourisers?

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What's the difference between all our vapourisers?

July 10, 2018 By Lime Tree Kids Healthy Living comments


Ultrasonic Vapourisers have become a household item now. They can be used for helping sick children - replacing the old humidifiers of our childhoods and allowing parents to say goodbye to wet walls and windows and condensation causing mould.  The cool mist also means its great for warmer days or climates as it doesn't heat up the entire room but still produces vapour that aides in congestion and better breathing. 

The most exciting thing though is that when the kids are not sick we can actually use the device for personal use. By using essential pure oils we can also embrace their therapeutic value and enhance family well being - Woot Woot !!

Essential oils are becoming mainstream now also and extremely popular with brands such as doTERRA Essential Oils becoming increasingly popular as a holistic way to approach , cleaning , behaviour and overall wellbeing that the Ultrasonic Diffusers or Ultrasonic Vapourisers are now coming in loads of new shapes and sizes ,  all having their own features also.

And so in order to help with the confusion we've made the below chat for you to check out what vapouriser might suit you and your lifestyle or needs. 




But what do all of these features really mean ?  Here's the low down for those like myself that had no idea and are beginning on their essential oil journey or wanting to know what the buzz is about  ..  

Diffuser or Vapouriser -  Are they the same thing and how does it differ from the old Humidifers  ?  

A Diffuser or Vapouriser, especially when it comes to aromatherapy and essential oils, can come in a variety of ways.  The best for any household is an electric powered diffuser works much like a cool air humidifier , except they are specially made for using with essential oils. 

Diffusers are designed to disperse a micro-fine vapor into the air allowing them to be suspended into the air for an extended period of time.  It is much safer than burning oils in warmers, and retains the integrity of essential oils.  A diffuser is basically anything that diffuses aromatic molecules into the air. It could be a fan blowing across an Essential oil saturated pad, it could be one of these ‘ultrasonic' cool mist diffusers we sell or it could be a nebulizer.  

Hot Steam Humidifiers (think old vicks heat dispelling style unit) work by adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips.  Steam humidifiers are electrically powered. They heat water, and then cool it before expelling it into the air. You can purchase them at chemists etc . These can cause burns, so it’s not the most kid-friendly and also they will make your walls and windows wet with condensation often causing mould and irritants that can make things a whole lot worse. 

Diffusers / Ultrasonic Vapourisers are an extremely easy and effective way of giving an aroma to a room, but there are many more benefits to using them.

 - Helps reduce bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors.
 - Relaxes the mind and body; relieves tension, anxiety and stress.
-  Can help building immunity and or assist with illness
-  Improves concentration, alertness and mental clarity.
-  Helps control mental and physical fatigue

- Improves air quality and dryness from air conditioners and or heaters 

Why cant I use any old oil - why does it have to be a pure Essential oil ? 

An ultrasonic vapouriser / diffuser uses a ceramic diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets that silently exit the humidifier in the form of cool fog or mist (which you see coming out of the system) . If you use a cheap unpure oil or the old oils you used in the humidifiers , it will be too heavy for the system and will quickly break it and void any warranty. But even apart from that - When choosing essential oils for therapeutic use, purity matters. Always choose a high quality, organic essential oil that has been properly distilled so that its phytochemical content has not been compromised.

Beware of cheap oils because they are usually created with or diluted by potentially toxic chemical ingredients (YUCK !!! )  and you will be breathing these in when they disperse into the air . 

What is an IONISER ?  

The water in our systems on the chart above vibrate at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating negative ions. Negative ions help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, assisting breathing, improving sleep and enhancing general well being. Think of them as "air vitamins" . 

Air Purifier - what is it and how does it work ? 

Our Ultrasonic Diffusers will release a large number of anions. These anions will produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities which float in the air, and in turn will purify the air, removing allergies, stale air and odours. Most of our essential oil blends also have antibacterial properties, as these are dispersed into the atmosphere, will also assist to cleanse and purify the air and rid of air-bourne bacteria.   

What do you mean by Humidifier and how does it help ? 

The ultrasonic waves on the systems we sell create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. This  beautifies and moisturises the skin, and is ideal even in warmer climates.  Im not talking about the old steam humidifiers we discussed above but the cool air that helps moisten the ar WITHOUT moisture and condensation all over your walls and windows causing mould .   This really works . My son had nose bleeds from the air conditioning in his school and than at home and in his bedroom during summer. It wasn't until we actually started diffusing even just plain water every night when we were using these elements that they stopped for him and the moisture allowed his dried out nose to mend !   Also think about how dry your skin gets from the heater or air conditioners - you can diffuse using any of the above vapourisers to assist  this in any season !!  

Can I use just as a night light without diffusing ?  

You sure can - in fact we do it for both of our children every night and have used a Bloom Vapouriser for years every night ! 

Each of the Lively Living ultrasonic diffusers offer a slightly different lighting feature using healthy LED lighting. All diffusers can run with the light completely off (emitting no light at all).  Just check the one you like to see its exact feature. 

Is it safe to leave them diffusing unattended ? 

YES !!!   The ultrasonic diffuser does not use any form of heat, candle or naked flame, so it is even safe around children, the elderly and pets. The diffuser will automatically switch off once the water level reaches a low level . We actually encourage you to sleep with you diffuser on, and leave the diffuser operating when you leave your home, so you will come back to a purified environment.  

What's the best ultrasonic vapouriser / diffuser for my room size ? 

Really they are all great but it just depends on wh you are using it for. I personally have always used the Aroma Bloom diffusers in my bedrooms for the kids as we use it for a night light , the colours suit and it is one of the strongest mist dispensation.  It covers their 4 x 3.5 m rooms easily. We also use them in the main living room although recently with the addition of some of the new models I've also added the Elm and Flare to our home.  The above chart shows the room coverage .