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Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas: How to Add Cheer to Your Home Decor Easily

December 1, 2014 By Lime Tree Kids Family comments

Christmas is definitely in the air and while you may have your tree up and looking real pretty, if you’re like me and want the whole house to look cheery and bright, here are some gorgeous, stylish and unique ways to spread Christmas spirit through your décor with ease:


Add Christmas Cheer to Home Décor


1. Cheer up the Entry with a Felt Ball Wreath


Wreaths are gorgeous this time of the year and these felt ball wreaths in festive colours are bound to delight your guests as they ring your doorbell and even, bring a smile to your face each time you see your entryway.


2. Create a Cute Christmas Breakfast Table


This adorable Santa egg cup and toast cutter set will delight the kiddies all through December when you bring breakfast to the table!


3. Add Cheery Fun with Wood and Felt


Wooden tree decorations or even to hang around the house from Nel Lusso as well as these delightful felt wise gnomes are perfect for the modern home with their retro styling and universal appeal.


4. Let Wall Décor be all Cheery


Let your wall décor this Christmas make a statement with this mistletoe sign that’s perfect for hanging stockings on!


5. Weave Red and White Into Tableware


Red and white are the colours of this season so why shouldn’t your tableware reflect it! Whether it is the red checked drinks dispenser or the glass cookie jar, these little additions will look great not only at Christmas time but all year round too! Oh, and you must serve dessert in one of these gorgeous Nel Lusso Bunny platters!


What are some of your fave ways to add festive touches to the house during Christmas.