What Every Mumma Must-Know About Glass Baby Bottles

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What Every Mumma Must-Know About Glass Baby Bottles

July 24, 2013 By Prerna - LTK Baby & Healthy Living comments

Confession time: I never used a glass baby bottle when my daughter was little. In my defense, she was exclusively breast fed and we didn’t have that many glass baby bottles here in India.

So, when I came across these gorgeous glass baby bottles that Shelley raves about, I just had to do some research and figure out what the big deal was all about. I mean, if I’m using BPA-free bottles, isn’t that okay? Why switch to glass?

Here’s what I found and what I think every mum must know when choosing the best feeding bottle option for their little one: 

 1.    Glass is Literally Chemical-Free 

First off, glass is literally chemical-free. Yes, so you have no complicated sounding terms that make your head     spin when you get a glass bottle. It’s glass, made from natural materials, like sand, limestone and soda ash.
Plain and simple. Nice, right?

2. Surprise! Glass Bottles are Sturdy
Yes, this one took me completely by surprise. I always thought that glass bottles would be like shattering all over the place. But I was pleasantly surprised to read that glass bottles are sturdy and strong. Add a silicone cover, like the brightly coloured ones in the picture above, and you’re all set.  Of course they need to be watched and cant be pegged across the room !!

3. BPA-Free Bottles Still Have Chemicals 
Sadly, BPA-free bottles are still made from materials, like polyethylene and recycled PET. Right now, we don’t know what impact they’ll have on the health of our babies just as our parents probably didn’t know about the impact of BPA. In case you’re wondering, BPA has been linked to increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, heart disease, obesity, endometriosis
and other disorders. {source: WebMD}

According to a study conducted, 92% of BPA-free products that were tested leached potentially hazardous compounds when they experienced normal, ordinary stresses such as sunlight, dishwashing and microwaving.

Reason enough for ANY mum to choose glass over plastic. Plus, added to this is the fact, that it’s easily recyclable makes it super planet-friendly too!   

4. Easy-to-Clean, Heat and Use 
Finally, what every mum wants to know. Glass bottles are easy to clean, even in dishwashers and retain heat which means that milk stays warmer for longer. Plus because glass is chemically inert, you can microwave it, if you have to.

Want to read more? Here you go: 
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