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Whats looking HOT for Christmas

September 15, 2017 By Lime Tree Kids Lime Tree Mumma Blog comments

And so it seems another year vanished before our eyes - I mean REALLY .. where did the last nine and a half months go? 

SO this Christmas there seems to be a few stand out toys already. ... Some of these are extremely limited stock wise so i thought I'd do up a little Christmas Wish list of our hottest predicted toys this year for 2017 ...  


1.   Kinderfeet Kinderboard   

Holy Guacamole - this is by far the most popular toy of this year with hundreds already sold on pre-order and only limited amount left for our second and last drop .   I love this Danish designed toy because , well , its not even really a toy as such ..  Its an open ended item that allows kids with both sensory , attention or vestibular issues (like my cherubs) or "typical "kids to enjoy rocking , rolling , climbing , playing , laying on and under this board.  We were sent one of these to sample and its AHHHHMAZING !!!  My son is 10 and has some special needs . He has a huge enjoyment in watching TV rocking , rolling and hanging ..   Over the years we have met his sensory need with things like hanging a swing inside the lounge room , a mini trampoline , a rocking horse and other options but THIS item is a life saver and used every day for at least an hour in some capacity - I LOVE that he gets the vestibular sensory input but that my neuro - typical daughter ALSO loves to play with it , skate and rock on it and even lie under it .. We've even had a shopkins valley installed on for a whole a weekend !  Its one of those toys which is EXACTLY why I set up Lime Tree Kids - believing that play items should suit both kids with special needs AND typical kids !! LOVE LOVE LOVE this Kinderboard !! 


2.  SunnyLife Unicorn Hopper      

As soon as i saw this toy when ordering stock back in April - I KNEW this would be a winner winner chicken dinner !!! We have already sold out of our first drop and now I've managed to secure another lot , but these wont last .. and once they are gone they are gone for another while..   I mean there's not much to NOT love ...

It's a unicorn... It bounces ... It's a unicorn and it BOUNCES !!!!!!!  Super fun !!! 


 3.  Hape All in One Kitchen   


This is such an awesome wooden Kitchen ! I love that its unisex colours and fit a few children around it . There is room for 2 to create a full buffet in their oven including a controllable range hood fitted with a working light, a microwave with a ' DING' , and of course a dishwasher for the cleaning up. It's also a really great price  and has FREE SHIPPING - ermmmmm YES PLEASE !!!  Oh and it comes with a heap of play equipment like : Cooking utensil set, coffee cup and saucer, metal saucepan and pot and plants!!! Woot Woot ! 



4.   MiO Playing Eating Sleeping Working + 2 People - Dollshouse

This is another one of those toys that  when i saw it I KNEW it would be a winner. There are so many options for how to play with this dollhouse and allow for imaginary play from a small age right up to 10 or 12.  Seriously , Is it a house , a fort or a boat ? The options are only limited by imagination ..  This Mio range has loads of accessory and add ons to buy now or buy later ..   There are 41 pieces in this large set and even includes a drawstring bag to include it all in. OH and it all packs into each other so it saves SPACE when your little one isn't using it ... 


5.   Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 Balance Bike - Bamboo  

Live, learn and love life from the start with the freedom and versatility of Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 Balance bike.  I love that this bike allows kids to ride on a three wheeler , than turns into a balance bike ..  Its smaller than some of the other options on the market and I LOVE that because from 12 months of age kids are  generally ready to burn some rubber on the footpath !!   I'm so over the alternatives being plastic fantastic that make noise and or last a few months !! Its also perfect for little ones that are smaller for their age as the weight limit actually goes up to 20kgs.  My son was a little guy heightwise even at 4 and couldn't use the larger balance bikes and so this would have been perfect ! Oh and Oh my WOOOORD you should see the Kinderfeet Wooden Crate or Kinderfeet Wooden Basket you buy separate to add on the front as an attachment ...  Hipsters look OUT!!!  If your kids are passed this age though - never fear as we have Kinderfeet Balance Bikes and accessories to suit them too.