How to Reuse a Nappy Caddy Once Nappying Days are Over

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Why Every Mum Needs a Nappy Caddy, Even When Nappying is Long Over: How to Reuse Nappy Caddies

July 3, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Family comments

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A nappy caddy is a must-have for every Mum. It is an easy, effortless way to keep all your baby changing needs in one accessible place.

A nappy caddy, like this one from, is perfect because it has open compartments, drawers and plenty of easy storage for wipes, nappies, cottonwool, nappy cream and more.

But what do you do once your nappy changing days are over? Yes, as distant as that possibility may look, the day will come when you no longer need to change nappies.

What do you with the nappy caddy then?

One option, of course, is to bless another Mum with it and help her make change time easy as well.

Another option is to reuse it around the house. That’s right.

A nappy caddy is a great organising solution and here are 5 brilliant ways to use it to stay organised as well: 

1. Art Caddy 

The nappy caddy is perfect for keeping art supplies nice and organised, with it’s multiple compartments and storage drawers. From paints, to glitter tubes, to stickers and colours, you can keep it all nicely tidied up all the time. 

2.Makeup Caddy 

Smart, sleek and stylish, the nappy caddy can easily be a wonderful make up caddy, holding all your brushes, lipsticks, nail polishes and other makeup gear.

It’s lightweight and portable too so you can carry it easily from one room to the other. 

3. Medicine or First Aid Caddy 

Turn your nappy caddy into a first aid caddy keeping bandages, ointments, antiseptic lotions in the different compartments. No more hunting for an aspirin or antiseptic when you need it the most. 

4.  Catch-All Caddy 

Best of all, the nappy caddy can be quite a catch-all caddy keeping random bits of paper, bills, visiting cards, menu flyers, pens and pencils and more all organised and keep your foyer table or dining table clean and clutter-free. 

5. Guest Bedroom Caddy 

In fact, you can have a caddy in guest bedrooms too. Keep spare toothbrushes, small soaps, travel-sized bottle of lotion, a torch, notepad and pens in the different compartments and drawers and help your guests feel welcomed with ease. 


6. Gift Wrap Caddy

Keep all your gift wrapping supplies nice and organised with a gift wrap caddy. Keep rolls of wrapping paper, cards, gift tags, tape, thread and more. 


Do YOU have a nappy caddy that can be reused?