Wooden toys for all ages

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Wooden toys for all ages

March 5, 2018 By Shelley Mason Baby, Children & Play comments

Wooden toys make a terrific addition to any toyroom.  Whilst I do believe that almost any toy is an educational toy, I prefer wood to plastic for a few reasons.

Wooden toys are generally extremely durable and safe , are not only colourful and fun to play with but encourage a child to explore their senses and imagination. 

I love the feel of wooden toys and the smell and texture is something that can not be replaced.  Its an impulse for me to smell a wooden toy and the difference in quality and feel is obvious.  I often find myself doing it when we get in new stock at the warehouse , it’s a sensory feeling that evokes a sense of calm and fun in me and I catch my kids doing it too and have a  giggle. 

For Babies : 
Babies love to pop everything in their mouth. 

They are learning to clutch and bang and throw. Learning to manipulate an item with their hands and enjoy the stimulation of hearing a noise or feel of an item is a big thing for babies. 

Ever Earth toys are made with sustainable timber or abundant Bamboo from their OWN FSC certified plantation forest in China! They use non toxic water based paint on all of their toys and the packaging is at least 70% recycled. Not only do the Ever Earth company practice ethical labour and eco-friendly production methods but these toys have a beautiful classic design and have very affordable prices.  They do a gorgeous wooden range of Grasping Toys and Rattles that fit the eco toys category and also meet educational needs .  You can see their full range HERE 

Everearth Wooden Toys

Older babies also love to sort and work things out .  By doing this it allows them to use parts of their brain that encourage thought and provoke interest in learning.   Shape sorters are a classic toy for this age and there is a great choice available.

Our favourites are:

For Toddlers and Preschoolers 

Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to mimic grownups and imaginary play is at its high.  Things like Wooden Kitchens,  Wooden play food and accessories are so popular for this age as they allow kids to explore speech and imaginative play in a safe and fun environment . They don’t even realise they are learning sharing, using fine motor skills, problem solving and so much more.  

One of the biggest brands for wooden kitchens, doll houses, tool benches and more is Le Toy Van 

LeToy Van are a luxury children's toy company with all toys being designed in the UK and ethically made at one of their partner factories. All toys are hand finished and extra care is taken creating environments that children can relate and immerse themselves into

See the full range of Le Toy Van HERE  

Marble Runs

For older children Marble runs the big win. With a huge range of pieces and structures available they encourage so many wonderful play based learnings. Things like working togther , resilience , cognitive development and so much more. With a marble run, children can begin to learn about construction, logical thinking and problem-solving. Each wooden marble run has almost endless construction options. 

We love Quadrilla by Hape Marble Runs