Wooden Toys for Safe and Fun Play

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Wooden Toys for Safe and Fun Play

July 29, 2013 By Prerna - LTK Play comments


I remember when I discovered wooden toys, like the one they used to make when I was a kid {sigh!}, I was ecstatic. Not only could I finally stop Googling every plastic toy my daughter got to find out whether or not it was BPA-free but I could get a whole bunch of pretend play wooden toys that she could have hours of fun with. Yes, wow!

Here is why I think wooden baby toys are the best sort of kids toys online or offline these days:

1. Wooden Toys Encourage Exploration and Creative Play

First off, wooden toys for kids, unlike their plastic counterparts, don’t come with too many bells and whistles, literally. With clean, simple lines and minimal decoration, they encourage kids to think, imagine, explore and nurtures creative pretend play.

In this day and age, where every toy is either singing, dancing or doing another million things, kids are left with little to do with their hands and minds.

Wooden kitchen toys, blocks and puzzles and pull alongs are just a few examples of non-plastic toys that make play time all the more interesting and fun.

2. Wood is Good and Green

You know the greatest gift we can give our kids is to leave them a planet they can live on and thrive in. And that is going to happen only when we cut back drastically on using chemicals, plastics and other materials that don’t biodegrade easily and can, in fact, end up pretty much destroying the planet. Yeah, don’t want that, do we?

Not just that, plastic toys may contain chemicals, like Bisphenol A and phthalates which are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Would you want your little ones putting these horrid chemical-laden playthings into their mouths? Me neither!

3. A Wooden Toy is Treasured Forever

You know when we decided to switch to wooden toys for our daughter, my husband was concerned about the cost factor. Yeah, they are more expensive than their cheaper plastic counterparts. However, we thought about how long each toy would last {read, forever!} and the fact that once Manini {my daughter} outgrows them, I can box them up and keep them for our nieces and nephews or even, our grandkids. That’s how long a wooden toy can last. Yes, wooden toys are timeless and treasured keepsakes.

Have YOU switched to wood that’s good for your little ones? Share with me in the comments or on the Lime Tree Kids Facebook page!

From one eco-mumma to another,