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All I Want for Christmas- Wendy from Vegie Smugglers Shares Favourite Gift Ideas

October 30, 2013 By Prerna Children & Family comments
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Possibly it's no surprise that all of my favourite products from Lime Tree Kids focus on cooking and eating! These days there are just so many products that help you make dinnertime easier. 
Presentation of food makes such a difference to how much fun kids have at meal times. 

Products like the Ms Food Face plate make dinner pretty hard to resist. As do the soldier egg cup and toast cutters. 

I finally bought a Thermomix recently and we're in the habit of eating soft boiled eggs each morning. My kids love dipping and scooping them out and it's an incredibly healthy way to start the day - especially with some grainy toast slathered with avocado. 

Since we get through so many eggs at my place, I could do with a set of these Pac Man ghost egg cups too! My video-games obsessed son would be in heaven with them.
Sadly for me, my kids are growing up quickly at the moment and rejecting anything too 'babyish',

 So I'm losing my excuse to buy quite so many cute melamine dishes, but we do own a set of these Jungle plates and I'm sure my kids would still be really happy to eat off the Everyday Tray. It smacks a bit of airline travel to me, which is always instantly fun!
Keeping food nice and hygienic for school is a big issue, so I'm loving the Beatrix NY Alexander Robot lunchbox. During winter, when keeping things cool is less of an issue, my animal-crazy daughter would love this Owl lunch bag. Very cute!
And when they get home from school? This twisted apple peeler looks like a great solution. Funny how things like this or a crinkly chip cutter can make such a difference to the reception fresh produce will get from your kids!
And to keep me motivated on my healthy eating path, it's hard to go past a couple of fantastic books - Additive Alert and Cut out the Crap

And of course, it's cheeky, but I honestly couldn't survive more than a couple of days without the Vegie Smugglers cookbooks! All of these books are written by passionate parents, keen to do our bit to keep Australian families healthier.

Happy eating!

 Wendy’s Picks for Christmas Gifts 

Jungle Collection Plates
Everyday Tray
Ms. Food Face Plate
Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutters 
Pac-Man Ghost Egg Cups 
Beatrix NY~Lunch Box~Alexander Robot 
Big Apple Buddies Lunch Bag – Owl 
Twisted Apple Peeler 
Cut Out The Crap (for Kids) Book
Additive Alert Book 
Vegie Smugglers Cookbooks 

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