Best Tips to Save Money When Buying Baby Gifts Online

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Best Tips to Save Money When Buying Baby Gifts Online

August 20, 2013 By Prerna Baby, Family & Lifestyle comments

save money on buying baby gifts online

Buying baby gifts online can not only be confusing but also quite expensive. While we’ve made it easier for you to find the best baby gifts and baby shower gifts online, we haven’t really talked about how to save money when shopping online for gifts for babies.

Today, we’ll do just that. Help you save money while buying the best presents for little ones as well.

Money Saving Tips for Buying Baby Gifts Online

1. Sign up for a Site’s Newsletter

One of the first things every mum should do is sign up for their favourite shopping sites’ newsletters. Online stores,routinely, send out newsletters via email and these have exclusive information on any sales or specials that they’re running. So, sign up, and then, open those emails when they land in your inbox. If it gets too overwhelming,consider a separate email address just for store email. Nice!

2. Compare Prices across Brands and Sites

Once you know what baby gift you want, look for different brands and then, compare those brands across different sites .Doing so will help you price shop effectively. However, don’t compromise on quality when it comes to baby's health and safety.

3. Wait for Sales and Specials

Whether you sign up for newsletters or not,make sure you keep an eye out for online gift stores’ sales and specials. For instance, at Lime Tree Kids, we have a dedicated Sales section and we share our upcoming sales and specials on our Facebook page. We also send it out in the newsletter and update the site’s main page with the details. So, once you know which online baby gift stores you like, visit them often and never miss a sale.

Also, use the sales to stock up on baby gifts that you may need in the next 1-2 months. Don’t wait till the last minute to buy a gift. You’ll end up spending more and not finding  what you like. Yes, it happens. To everyone.

4. Find out About Bulk Buying Discounts

Looking to buy baby shower gifts for 5 of your friends and your 2 sisters? Email the store owner and find out if they offer bulk buy discounts. Many online stores do and you should always ask.

5. Pare Down Your Gift List

Finally, to save money on baby gifts online, pare down your list. That is right. You don’t need expensive, high-end gifts for little ones for every reason or occasion. What your baby really needs is a lot of love, time and cuddles. That fancy rocker can wait while you give him a big, tight hug,

What are YOUR tips for saving money when shopping for baby gifts online?