17 Awesome Indoor Play Ideas for Kids

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The Ultimate List of Fun, Creative, Inspiring Indoor Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages {Part 2}

June 6, 2014 By Prerna Play, Children & Family comments

Continuing our quest for indoor play ideas that are fun, creative and inspiring for children of all ages, here are number 7-17 of this BIG list of toys that encourage development, learning and are TONS of fun! 

Check out the first part of this ultimate list of indoor play ideas here.  

More Indoor Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages: 

7. Puppet Play 

Puppets are a great way to make storytelling tons of fun and also, encourage children to be more creative and expressive.

 Shelley’s Picks:

Fiesta Crafts Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Finger Puppet Set 

Mermaid Hand Puppet 

Alice in Wonderland Puppet 

8. Kitchen Fun

 Kids love to role play and the kitchen is where there’s a LOT going on! Cooking, cleaning, baking and entertaining!

 Shelley’s Picks:

KidKraft Sweet Treats Toddler Kitchen

Le Toy Van Wooden Kids Dinner Set

Le Toy Van Honeybake Home Kitchen Sink  

9. Great Games for Everyone

Board games and other classic games are always a hit and great to pull out when it’s too cold or wet to go outdoors!

 Shelley’s Picks:

Ridley’s Domino Rally Game

Petit Collage Memory Game

100 Games to Play on a Holiday Cards  

10. Darling Dolls and Dollhouses

Dolls are a delight for every child!! And when they’re as cute and fun as these little darlings, the enjoyment just multiplies!

Shelley’s Picks:

Cherry Tree Hall Doll House   

Caucasian Baby Boy Doll 

Rag Doll Ruby 

11. Creative Castles 

Castles are a classic! And absolutely gorgeous ones like these, the fun never ends! Great way to keep kids engaged and creativity flowing! 

Shelley’s Picks:

Tiger Tribe Boxset Castle

Dragonclaw Castle 

Lionheart Castle 

12. Learning Activities

Play that blends education with enjoyment is pretty perfect, don’t you think?

Shelley’s Picks: 

Crystal Growing Kit

Magnetic Times Tables 

Alphabet Art Flash Cards 

13. Magically Musical Toys 

Kids love music and getting a chance to express themselves musically is a great way to not only encourage them to develop a ear for music but also, be more creative, expressive and engaged.

Shelley’s Picks:

Goki Rainbow Tambourine

Music Play Table

Tutti Tune

14. Play in the Playhouse

Playhouses, tents and teepees are fun even when indoors!! Put one of these up and you can be sure the kids will be all busy for hours! Don’t be surprised if they want to take their nap there too!

Shelley’s Picks:

Janod Mademoiselle Playhouse

Mocka Playhouses

Mocka Teepees

15. Painting and Colouring Fun

Painting and colouring  can be tons of fun, not just for the littlies but also for the older children. The perfect way for them to exercise creativity and express their individuality. 

Shelley’s Picks: 

Wobbly Wood Turtle

Colour Your Own Costume Superhero 

16. Playmats That Pack a Punch

 Every kids room needs a playmat, right? So, how about a play mat that one can actually play with?! That’s right, these super-fun and feature-rich play mats aren’t just decorative rugs but interactive playthings too!

Shelley’s Picks:

Janod Kids Play Mats –City

IVI 3D Play Rugs –Twin Houses 

IVI 3D Play Rugs – Farm 

17. Ride On Cars

Finally, what makes indoor play fun and interesting? A ride on car you can vroom around in!! Especially when it’s as bright, cheery and interesting as these ride on cars!

Shelley’s Picks:

Fire Engine Metal Pedal Car

Classic Racer Ride On Car

Mocka Ride On Truck